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The Safely Home Campaign

Protecting children is everyone’s responsibility. 
Rebuilding children’s lives is Tennyson’s.

For nearly 110 years, Tennyson Center for Children at Colorado Christian Home has been the life boat for at-risk, abused, and neglected children and their families -- first as an orphanage and since 1970, as an accredited K-12 school and residential campus.  All of Tennyson’s programs, including day treatment and community-based services, impact more than 350 children and 1,100 family members each year.  Children who have endured unthinkable trauma are given a warm and safe place to sleep, healthy food and good clothes. During their stay with us, they also receive critical special education and mental health treatment and therapy.

Now we are moving toward preserving this safe haven for children.  In 2010, Tennyson Center embarked on SAFELY HOME, a $15 million capital and endowment campaign to purchase the campus and protect its future.  In January of 2011, we completed the purchase of the campus with the help of a loan from Church Extension, a general ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Now, the Safely Home campaign has moved into the endowment phase so that we can build healthy reserves, which any organization needs to ensure its legacy and survival through any lean times that may occur in the future.  This will preserve Tennyson Center for Children for another century and beyond and will help us realize our longterm goal of being able to serve any and every child who needs the kinds of programs and services we offer.

By purchasing the campus and realizing an annual savings of $350,000 by eliminating lease payments, we can serve more children in need each year.  With this savings, each year we can serve:

• 26 more children in our residential treatment program (based on an average length of stay of six months per child); or
• 160 more children in our day treatment program; or
• 150 more children in our community based program (based on an average length of stay of four months).

Tennyson Center’s goal is to continue “changing lives and giving hope” by providing children with education, best-in-class mental health treatment, and a safe place to live when they can’t be at home.


 For more information about the Safely Home campaign please contact Scott Franssen at 720-855-3344 or email him by clicking here.