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Recurring Gifts

By making a recurring gift, you are essentially “adopting” hundreds of children we serve to receive the treatment they need. Throughout 2015, we will serve some of Colorado’s most neglected, abused and "at risk" children, over 500 to be exact. You’ll be supporting each and every one of those children as we guide them on the path to healing.

When you give a recurring gift, your commitment provides continuous support, either monthly or quarterly. It’s the kind of support that offers greater stability to our base of funding, which is so vital to the successful treatment of the children we serve.

You will play a vital role in the progress and development of so many children. Your support will help every child who receives services through Tennyson Center for Children.

To get started by making a recurring gift of support, click here. For more information on recurring gifts, call Jennifer at 720-855-3312.