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Special Home Based Services

Home Environment Alternative to Residential Care (HEART)

is an intensive in-home program that serves the entire family and focuses on family preservation, reunification and preventing out-of-home placements. The treatment team includes a therapist and family support specialist(s) who work collaboratively with the family to develop a treatment plan including establishing safety, therapy, day-to-day support, behavioral modeling, structuring, and skill development. 

Home Based Services

We provide in-home family preservation and stabilization interventions including therapy, case management, advocacy, and support.  Services can range from 1 visit to 5 visits per week depending on the family needs.  We work together with families to increase child protection and safety, reduce family conflict, stabilize basic needs, or successfully reunify a child to the family after out-of-home placement.

For more information about Special Home-based Services, please contact Admissions at 303-433-1232 or email by clicking here