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Cottage Circle Sponsorship

Is the life of a child worth 50 cents a day?  Of course it is.  And $15 per month is all it takes for you to have a lasting impact on the children we serve here at Tennyson Center.  Think about it...50 cents a day to help save the life of an abused, neglected or at-risk child.  It's such a small price to have such an incredible impact.

Beginning as low as $15 per month, you can become a member of our Cottage Circle program.  You'll make an even greater impact on the lives of abused and neglected children and you'll help us meet our goals so that we can continue to serve so many children who desperately need our programs. Throughout the year, we will serve hundreds of Colorado’s most neglected and abused children.  As a Cottage Circle Sponsor, you’ll be supporting each and every one of those children as we guide them on the path to healing.

As a sponsor here’s just a few of the things your gift will provide:
• 24-hour supervision, therapy and guidance from specially trained professionals
• Specialized education for all children in that cottage
• New, clean clothes and nutritious, healthy meals
• Linens, toiletries, blankets and other basic essentials
• New updated flooring and plumbing
• New rugs, furniture, and curtains
• And much needed “home” improvements

If you are interested in sponsoring our cottages and becoming a Monthly Cottage Sponsor to improve the children’s living conditions and support the necessary items and care these children need in order to heal, please consider joining this vital sponsorship program today. You can be Cottage Sponsor for as little as $15 per month---that's 50 cents per day!

Monthly Cottage Sponsor (Make a recurring gift)
As a monthly donor, you will help us meet our goals so that we can continue to serve so many children who desperately need our programs. With a recurring gift, your dollars will benefit the children we serve with shelter, clothing, shoes, food, school supplies, general supplies and other necessities that help these kids on their path to healing. You can join this wonderful program here online, by telephone or by printing out our registration form  and mailing it in with your first gift.

To join right now online click here. To join over the phone, call Jennifer at 720-855-3312.

For so many of the children we treat at Tennyson Center for Children, the idea of having a home, where they will be safe from harm and loved and cared for, is a dream that you can help turn into a reality.