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More About Stepping Stones at Tennyson Center

The Stepping Stones Program relies on the following philosophies and principles of practice:

  • The Tennyson Demandments – Our core values and expectations of all employees
  • Positive & Strength-Based Behavioral Interventions with Children
  • Systems Approach to Services – Focus on the Individual, Family, and Community
  • Respect for Each Family’s Unique Culture
  • Use of the Least Restrictive Intervention to Meet Child and Family Needs
  • Trauma-Informed Assessment and Treatment

    Included Services

  • 24-hour admissions access
  • Strengths and needs assessment of youth and family
  • Case management, dispositional planning, and community resource coordination
  • Individual and Family Therapy provided as needed through Medicaid Fee-for-Service
  • 24-hour on-call crisis support for parents and families
  • Daily group therapy and life skills exercises
  • Recreational activities and community events
  • Psychiatric care provided as needed, including medication evaluation and management
  • Medical and dental care
  • Optional spirituality / faith development programming
  • School transition planning and support
  • Educational programming (on-grounds or in coordination with district or other facility)
  • Expedited access to aftercare and outpatient services

    Admissions Criteria

  • Males/females age 13-18 in need of residential care
  • Youth has not been adjudicated of a juvenile sexual offense
  • Youth is able to benefit from a cognitive/behavioral approach (generally a full-scale IQ of 70 or higher)
  • Youth does not pose an imminent risk to seriously harm self or others
  • The program does not utilize physical management as a behavioral intervention

    Outcome Measures & Targets

  • % of youth participation in treatment planning process (Goal = 90%)
  • % of family therapy sessions attended by caregivers (Goal = 85%)
  • % of youth who avoid police contact while in the program (Goal = 80%)
  • % of treatment goals attained at time of discharge (Goal = 75%)
  • % of clients & customers who report being “Satisfied or Highly Satisfied” on feedback surveys (Goal = 85%)


    Click here to download Emergency After-hours Admission forms:

  • Referral Data Sheet

  • Authorization for Treatment

  • Medical Authorization and Release

  • Transportation Authorization

    Contact Info:

    Stepping Stones at Tennyson Center
    2950 Tennyson St.
    Denver, CO 80212-3029

    303.433.1232 (Referral cell phone)
    303.433.0787 (fax)
    303.433.2541 (Tennyson Center main line)