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Third-Party Events

A third-party event is a fundraising activity that benefits Tennyson Center for Children (TCC). It is coordinated and executed by individuals or organizations independent from TCC. 


Examples include:

•Throwing a party at a local restaurant or bar
•Hosting a dinner party
•Staging a walk
•Raising funds at school
•Having an event at your office
•Organizing a golf outing or sports tournament

Get creative! Ask family and friends to get involved! Start a planning committee with your co-workers. There are so many ways you can help!





- Instead of doing a grab bag or raffle, ask guests to donate the $15 they would have spent on a present. Take up a collection at the party and then submit it using the form below.
- Have a competition between departments to see which can raise the most money.
- Hold a silent auction.

Use your imagination! There are lots of ways to help! Just be sure to use this form when submitting proceeds!

If you have an idea or plan for a third-party eventfollow these simple guidelines.  


When your plan is ready, please complete the required Event Interest Form and fax, mail or email it to us.
Attn: Alicia Perras
2950 Tennyson Street; Denver, CO 80212
Fax: 303.433.9701  

After reviewing your interest form, Tennyson Center for Children will contact you with feedback or questions. If the event is accepted, Tennyson Center for Chlldren will discuss needs regarding collateral, logo usage, etc. 

TCC must approve, prior to printing and distribution, any use of its name, logo and/or statistical information. 
Following your event, please submit Return Form with funds raised and event feedback.

**Please note that Tennyson Center for Children has the right not to participate in any event and does not assume any legal or financial liability for your event. 

Thank you for choosing to support Tennyson Center for Children and our efforts to heal and protect the children and families we serve!