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Volunteering at Tennyson Center

Our corps of volunteers is one of our most valuable assets at Tennyson Center for Children. Last year, over 1,500 volunteers donated more than 14,000 hours in a variety of capacities including reading to the children, assisting teachers in the classrooms, assisting with event planning and mentoring a child. We can never have enough volunteers and opportunities are always available for qualified individuals or groups who would like to donate their time.

Volunteers play a critical role in the care and treatment of the children at Tennyson Center.  There are a wide variety of ways in which you can become involved as a volunteer.  Opportunities include mentoring, spending time on a regular basis with a cottage or classroom, assisting staff with outings and events for the kids, helping out at one of our many events throughout the year, and home improvements for our residential cottages, just to name a few. To learn more about volunteering or to become a volunteer, plan on attending a Volunteer Training, which is held at Tennyson Center once every other month.  You need to only attend one training.


Leadership, service and youth organizations

Over the years, we’ve been very fortunate to have a variety of service organizations helping out with volunteer opportunities at Tennyson Center.  Favorite activities among these groups have included “Reading Buddies”, sporting and recreational activities, game nights, cooking nights, bowling leagues, holiday outings and so much more.  By offering to spend time with the children, you’re giving something of immeasurable value to the children and to our mission. To the kids, you become a mentor, a role model, even a teacher.  But, more importantly, you become a friend.

Thank you for considering volunteering at Tennyson Center for Children! Please fill out this application. Our Manager of Volunteer Services will follow up with you. Our next volunteer training will be in September. If you are interested in hosting a community fundraiser for the kids at Tennyson Center, please go to Third Party Events. Thank You!