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Home-Based Services

We provide in-home family preservation and stabilization interventions including therapy, case management, advocacy, and support.  Services can range from 1 visit to 5 visits per week depending on the family needs.  We work together with families to increase child protection and safety, reduce family conflict, stabilize basic needs, or successfully reunify a child to the family after out-of-home placement. 

Servicios Bilingües

Spanish-speaking and culturally-specific services can be provided by our team of bilingual staff.  We strive to support and advocate for families who are at greater risk due to a language and/or culture barrier.  All treatment reports are translated into Spanish for monolingual families. 

Public School Support Services

When necessary, we can provide support services for individual students struggling in their public school environment.  The goal is to prevent further problems or to help a child transition back into a public school environment after leaving a treatment setting.

For more information about community-based family services, please contact Admissions at 303-433-1232 or email by clicking here.