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Residential Program

Tennyson Center for Children’s Residential Treatment Program provides 24-hour treatment for the most troubled child who cannot function in a less restrictive environment. The goal is to help the child and/or family resolve past traumas and assist in the development of new coping skills. This is so the child can return to his/her family or to a less restrictive environment, when it is not possible to reunify with the family.

Residential Components Include:

  • Structured inpatient care
  • Family assessment and therapy
  • Educational evaluation
  • On-grounds special education
  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Individual assessment and therapy
  • Child therapy groups
  • Parent training
  • Behavior management consultation
  • Milieu therapy
  • Recreation therapy
  • 24-hour crisis hotline
  • Academic instruction designed to meet the student’s individual needs
  • Parent support groups

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is Tennyson Center's 24-hour residential program for adolescent boys and girls, ages 13-18 who cannot live at home due to family conflict, legal problems, homelessness, or other crises. The program is a licensed Therapeutic Residential Child Care Facility (TRCCF) providing mental health assessment and treatment, education, health care, spiritual growth, life skills and recreation in a safe living environment. Each youth and family receives assessment, case management and therapeutic services with the goal of establishing a plan for the future. Click here to learn more about this program.